The Climatised Metrology Room located at Fabris Dott. Ing. Pasquale S.r.l. Company has been using coordinate-measuring machines since 1986.
That was a strongly innovative choice for those years. A choice that has carried on with constant technological updating of the currently 3 Machining Centres and software. Nowadays, the operators engaged in the dimensional control of the machined parts use a 3D model to create automatic measurement programs. The advantages consist of an easier simulation of the measurement routes and a quick comparison of the measurements taken with those deriving from the CAD model.
During the mid-production of the processing, the machined parts can undergo three-dimensional controls in order to verify the proper respect of the allowances. The final control is always performed and the numerous reports for the Test Certificate show all the measurements taken or those present in the Customer Test Plane.


Metrology Room Fabris

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